Being the MD, CEO or Partner of a business can be stimulating and rewarding

But it also carries the weight of responsibility to ‘deliver’

This can make your role sometimes not only stressful, but also ‘isolated’

You may therefore need and welcome external support and advice at certain times

The problem is that there are always people willing to give you business advice (sometimes it even comes unsolicited)

But the question is, how do you determine the relevance of any advice given?


Whose advice should you heed?

and whose could be safely ignored?

(Listening to advice can be a time consuming, costly and even spiritually draining activity, if you choose wrongly…)

For MDs, CEOs and partners of SME businesses, I believe the foundation for any strong Consultant/Non-Exec relationship should be:

1. Your Consultant/Non-Exec should have a broad base of experience and knowledge that they can bring to bear on your business (sounds obvious but many Consultants/Non Execs turn out to be specialists who then have to default to management platitudes outside their comfort zone)

2. They must be genuinely able and willing to understand your business – and the subtleties of the issues you uniquely face. If they arrive already ‘knowing’ the answers you are being short changed

3. Finally your discussions and any advice given should be pragmatic, rather than impractical. After all you want decisions to be made and beneficial change to happen – sooner rather than later

For me, business success is all about executing ‘the art of the possible’ – as smoothly as possible

If this is the type of support and approach you already get from your Consultant/Non-Exec – congratulations (hold onto them)

If this is not the type of support you are getting but need – please give me a call

I may be able to help you and your business