Is your Business world

“Glass half empty”        or      “Glass half full”?


“We seem to be doing more work for less fee”

“Our clients really value what we do for them.

We just need to be smarter in getting rewarded for it”


“We simply aren’t winning enough business

– our message is unclear and hardly unique”

“We need to understand what really adds value for our clients.

We just need to rationalise, quantify and

communicate this core benefit better…”


“Our poor cash flow is strangling this business”

“Smarter fee billing will help.

But accelerating receipts and deferring some costs

will transform our hand to mouth cash situation…”


Whether your glass is “half empty” or “half full” there comes a time when every Entrepreneur can benefit from the support of a cool, calm and experienced ‘critical friend’

From core finance expertise – to improving commercial decision making throughout your business – through to helping you bring in more profitable new clients and ‘light-touch’ HR

That’s my skill spectrum

A cup of coffee and chat is a good start point – why not give me a call?