Ernst & Young  trained Chartered Accountant – with a career in both blue-chip and small and medium enterprises (SME)

General Manager of  Music’s International Division. Through to Consultant/Director/Founder of numerous creative SMEs

Most recently Joint MD and Co owner of ‘Top 20’ UK design agency 

Became a   dba_logo-10 accredited expert in 2013


The WALL blog ‘Not so secret E-commerce Entrepreneur’ since May 2013


Or put a slightly different way…


1. “Making things happen even with the most demanding Creative geniuses”

Creatives are the lifeblood of all the businesses I have worked in. Fundamental to my business success has been the ability to establish and maintain great personal and business relationships with ‘Creatives’ – from senior to junior.

Not surprising perhaps – I cut my teeth working with (and for) some very ‘challenging’ stars at EMI Music  Pop starsPop stars  

(And I’m not just talking about the artists…!)


2. “Able to raise venture capital”

VCs do not want to back ‘design companies’ – far too many of them and “Creatives are fickle”…

LFH Design needed to demonstrate that it had a commercial USP and ability to scale-up

We showed them that our patented cost saving innovation  would mark LFH out from the design herd…

YFM venture capital fund took 15% stake within 4 months of our presentation to them


3.  “Able to cut lots of corners in creating new biz opportunities”

LFH was having trouble creating qualified new biz meetings …

So why not go straight to the top?

I came up with and executed a teaser campaign targeting VC funds, such as KKR,  and Duke Street Capital (that owned major brands)

Had meetings with Board Directors of Boots, Findus, Burton’s Foods, and Kettle Crisps – within 2 months

Sealed long term contract with  burtons food after presenting to whole Board

Went on to have meetings with Board Directors of Colgate USA, Tootsie Roll USA and Heinz USA


4. “Increasing fees charged – it’s all about demonstrating marketing effectiveness”

Clients that can justify increasing your fees, to their boss – are far more likely to say ‘yes’ to your request

I have extensive experience of negotiating better fees, based on a simple approach

Clearly presented and compelling ROI/marketing effectiveness statistics, demonstrating real and tangible value for money – are the key

Once established, ROI/design effectiveness statistics can be used to also justify ‘new revenue’ streams


5. “Able to create heavyweight PR – without help of PR agency”

Financial Times did a 2-page feature on LFH in July 2011 

And we got front page of Advertising Age-USA as well


6. “When the going gets tough – able to create alternative marketing tools”

LFH was having trouble communicating our patented cost saving innovation – succinctly to Marketers!

(our big bang theory technical geniuses were losing their audience…)

I came up with a cartoon script that was more quirky and quick – called Chapter 1 “The Bluffers Guide – to colour harmonisation”

Art Directed and turned into  showreel

Unilever Marketers and others loved it!

Business swiftly followed…


7. Able to manage businesses successfully through a recession (or two)

Cost controls, imaginative cash management, sensitive (‘light-touch’) staff management, timely management information, excellent bank relations – all vital parts to ensuring (all) businesses weather the storm…